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Assembled Birdhouse and Bird Feeder Information Page

To see all of our Assembled Birdhouses, simply click HERE

...or click this photo for Single-Family Birdhouses.

...or this photo for Multi-Family Birdhouses.

...or this pic for Nesting Shelves and Bird Feeders.

All Assembled Birdhouses from The Birdhouse Depot are fitted and assembled using 1/4" galvanized finish staples (except for opening panels, which are screwed down with exterior-grade weather-resistant screws). Overall shipping weight is calculated a bit heavier due to the additional packaging material necessary to ensure your house arrives in one piece. 

Assembled Basic Birdhouses
We simply assemble a Basic birdhouse kit taken from our inventory. Our birdhouse kits are cut from knot-free/clear Western Red Cedar. Most of the house photos posted on our website are of basic assembled houses. The following photo is an example of what the surface of basic clear cedar looks like.  

(click for larger view)

Assembled Deluxe Birdhouses **DISCONTINUED**
We assemble a Deluxe birdhouse kit from our premium planed boards, including pre-drilling and fitting the opening or removable panel with exterior-grade weather-resistant screws. Please allow extra time for assembly/delivery. The following photo is an example of what the surface of planed clear cedar looks like.  

(click for larger view)

Assembled Bargain Birdhouses
We assembled bulk quantities of bargain birdhouses and feeders from new or aged cedar and fir boards and pieces that are not of a quality suitable for Basic or Deluxe Kits. See below for more information. The following photo is an example of what the surfaces of bargain boards looks like.

(click for larger view)

Decorative Chimneys
Chimneys are of solid cedar, shipped loose, and require glue (not supplied) to install.

(click for larger view)

Sawdust/Wood Chip Cavity Filler

Quart-sized or gallon-sized bags of sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, or a combination of some or all for filling birdhouse or nest box cavities in order to promote nesting.

(click for larger view)

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