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Bargain Birdhouse Information Page

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We assemble bulk quantities of bargain birdhouses and feeders from new or aged (reclaimed) cedar and fir boards and pieces that are not of a quality suitable for Basic or Deluxe Kits or Assembled Basic and Deluxe Birdhouses. In other words, one could say they're overruns, extras, close-outs, factory seconds, slow- or non-selling models, strange styles and shapes, or models that we simply don't offer anywhere else on the website and shopping cart. Building and selling Bargain Birdhouses is how we began this business, and almost two decades later, we continue to supply a great number of them. In any case, they are perfectly usable and will last a lifetime. 

Although Bargain Birdhouses and Bird Feeders are usually available
 in either Aged or New Cedar, we ship what is available at the time. 
During checkout and/or during model selection, you may choose 
a preference of New Cedar or Aged Wood, which could be either aged
or new cedar or aged doug fir. 

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Bargain Birdhouses are suitable for practical use and in most cases are better for quickly attracting birds despite the knots, worm holes, dirt, and/or uneven thicknesses sometimes found on the surfaces. Bargain Birdhouses do not include opening panels or chimneys, but perch blocks can be added if so requested.

On the Bargain Birdhouses product pages, you have the option to choose your preference* of new cedar or aged wood. (*We will try to include a wood type that matches your preference; however, for bargains, we ship what is available at the time. And in most cases, if we don't have it ready and have to build one for you, we will assemble it using your preferred wood type.)

Bargain Birdhouse Kits **DISCONTINUED**
Many of the Bargain Birdhouses are available as unassembled project kits; however, they are only available in new cedar. They can be found in the "Birdhouse Kits" section of our online store. 

Bargain Birdhouse kits are cut from cedar that has all or some pieces containing one or more of the following: knots, worm holes, uneven thickness, warped surfaces, dents, chips, minor cracks, minor to major soiling, and/or stains. Pieces are bulk cut and are NOT sorted, may be aged wood or new cedar, but all pieces of each kit are of the same style. Bargain kits are perfectly fine to assemble, but you may have to adjust nail locations to avoid knots. Best assembled by adults. Bargain kits are not normally stocked; however, they are frequently processed and available—add 1-3 days to an order. **BARGAIN KITS ARE NOT PRE-DRILLED FOR OPENING PANELS AND DO NOT INCLUDE SCREWS** The following photo is a sample of what the surfaces of bargain boards looks like.

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