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Birdhouse Kit Information Page

To see our line of all Birdhouse Kits, simply click on the photo below.

...or click this one for Single-Family Birdhouse Kits.

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...or this pic for Nesting Shelf and Bird Feeder Kits.

All kit packages include necessary western red cedar wood pieces, galvanized nails and/or weather-resistant screws, perch block (if requested in comments field), and assembly instructions. Our Birdhouse Kits are available in Basic only (Deluxe and Bargain configurations have been temporarily discontinued). Photos showing differences in wood surfaces and further details for each version follow: Our kits are recommended for ages 6 and up.  

/!\ WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small Parts*
Not for children under three (3) years

We recommend that at least one adult assists and supervises kit assembly

Basic Kits
Cut from knot-free/clear cedar, have slightly rough to smooth surfaces, pieces are selected and sorted, include perch block if requested in comments field, and are kept in stock. Western Red Cedar is a soft wood, so pre-drilled nail holes are not necessary, nor recommended. The following photo is a sample of what the surface of basic clear cedar looks like.

(click for larger view)

Deluxe Kits **DISCONTINUED**
Cut from machine-planed knot-free/clear cedar, resulting in at least one primary smooth surface. Deluxe Kits include all pieces from the Basic Kit package. Add extra time for delivery, as these are usually cut-to-order. All kit models are available with this option.  The following photo is a sample of what the surface of planed clear cedar looks like.

(click for larger view)

Bargain Kits **DISCONTINUED**
Cut from cedar that has all or some pieces containing one or more of the following: knots, worm holes, uneven thickness, warped surfaces, dents, chips, minor cracks, medium to major soiling, and/or stains. Pieces are bulk cut and are NOT sorted, may be aged wood or new cedar, but all pieces of each kit are of the same style. Bargain kits are perfectly fine to assemble, but you may have to adjust nail locations to avoid knots. Best assembled by adults. Bargain kits are not normally stocked; however, they are frequently processed and available—add 1-3 days to an order. **BARGAIN KITS ARE NOT PRE-DRILLED FOR OPENING PANELS AND DO NOT INCLUDE SCREWS** The following photo is a sample of what the surfaces of bargain boards looks like.

(click for larger view)

Retail Packaging for Kits
We are set up primarily for bulk shipments and ship kits in that fashion. Our bulk kits are banded together and shipped with packets of nails and tip sheets. We do, however, offer retail packaging for most kit models. Kits packaged for retail are shipped as a clear 4 mil plastic bag with a package header describing what is inside the bag. Instructions and nails/screws are included. We recommend selecting this option if you are going to send a kit to someone as a gift. Otherwise, if you're going to ship to yourself for assembly, we recommend that you skip this option to save $$.

(click for larger view)

Decorative Chimneys
Chimneys are of solid cedar, shipped loose, and require glue to install.

(click for larger view)

Sawdust/Wood Chip Cavity Filler
Quart-sized or gallon-sized bags of sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, or a combination of some or all for filling birdhouse or nest box cavities in order to promote nesting.

(click for larger view)

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