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Information Page for Group Projects, Schools, and Scouts

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"Groups and Schools" includes all levels of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts; all grades and types of schools, including public and private; all levels of government and types of government programs; corporations hosting events such as team-building exercises and summer picnics; parents organizing birthday parties; farm communities; and much more.

Special consideration is given to these groups in regard to pricinglead times, shipping and deliverypayment methods and termsproduct modifications, and samples.

In most cases, the auto-calculated, discounted prices are the lowest we can offer; however, if your order is larger than the price schedule posted on each individual product page or you're running short of funds, feel free to call or send us an email with your specific requirements, and we'll try to accommodate you.

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Lead times and delivery are very important to both you and us. We pride ourselves on getting quality products to you quickly, and most important, before your project begins. We have not yet missed a project date and we will continue to do our best to make sure that never happens. We ask you to help us meet that goal by giving us as much time as possible. If you're considering placing an order, but are not ready to place it, please send us a note stating so. A simple "heads-up" email will help us continue to meet your deadlines. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for orders placed using a purchase order. 

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We ship primarily through FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery because their rates are the best; however, we have accounts with UPS and USPS. If you'd rather we ship via a specific carrier and/or you'd rather use your own shipper/account number, we can do that, no problem. Of course, you'll have to provide that information in writing.

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Our online store is set up for credit card and Paypal processing; however, we gladly accept purchase orders and checks (may require a credit check) from  bona fide school districts, government agencies, and other large entities with good credit. Small schools qualify as long as the school has a "brick and mortar" location that is publicly listed by the governing school district. 

To purchase with official purchase orders, simply enter your order online and complete the entire process up to the "enter payment information" screen (the "Ship To" address must be the official location of the school or district--we cannot ship to your home for orders against purchase orders). **Allow 6 to 8 weeks for orders placed using a purchase order.** If you don't have that much time before your scheduled project begins, don't use a purchase order, but instead prepay with a check or credit card. 

At this point, select "Print and Call to Arrange Payment." Then, fill out an official purchase order matching the information on the order that you just printed, including shipping charges (purchase orders must include shipping charges that match the online order unless prior arrangements are made). Sign it, and mail or email to:
The Birdhouse Depot
Rob Riedl Enterprises
1717 130th Street Court South
Tacoma, WA 98444
Phone: 253.536.1787
Fax: Scan and Email (we no longer accept faxes)

(In many cases, it has worked well for the teacher to enter the order online and then turn in a paper copy to his or her Accounting Office, where they will complete the purchase order process.) 

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Purchase order payment terms are "Net 30," and shipping terms are "FOB Shipping Point." This means that the shipment belongs to you once it leaves our location and payment is due back to our location no later than 30 days after the day the order left our location.

Payments not received after 30 days are considered late. If payment is not received by the due date, future orders via "Purchase Order" may not be granted, future discounts may be lowered or discontinued entirely, and negative reports to the top 3 credit agencies may result.

If your agency's policy to pay vendors falls outside of the 30-day window, please don't use a purchase order. Instead, please pay by check or credit card at the time of order. 

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Any of our products can be modified to your liking. We require a minimum of 50 per each model modified, but we sometimes make exceptions. Provide modification requests in writing and include any sketches you may have drawn. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on modified products. 

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We no longer ship samples for evaluating our products. We do, however, credit the cost of the sample order when a subsequent order of "25 or more" is later placed within 30 days. 

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